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Tuesday, May 12 2015

Jury convicts man of Jasper Avenue restaurant killing By Ryan Cormier, Edmonton Journal May 8, 2015

 EDMONTON - Family members of Dale Maloney wept in relief Friday as the man who shot him outside a busy Jasper Avenue restaurant was convicted of second-degree murder.

Christian Iyamuremye, 25, showed no reaction in the prisoner’s box as the jury announced their verdict after being sequestered for 25 hours. In August 2012, Iyamuremye shot Maloney several times outside the Joey’s Restaurant on Jasper Avenue at 113th Street.

“We’re obviously very grateful for the outcome,” Jason Maloney said about the verdict in his brother’s death. He came from Houston to watch the trial, and other family members travelled from their home province of Newfoundland.

“We’re glad the legal system did what it was supposed to and justice was served.”

Iyamuremye will be sentenced June 19.

At trial, Maloney’s girlfriend, Tanya Marshall, told the jury she witnessed the shooting from only a few steps away. She identified Iyamuremye in the prisoner’s box as the shooter, and one of the men Maloney briefly argued with on the way inside the restaurant.

Near the front door, Maloney stopped and briefly argued with three men, Marshall said.

“I thought he was behind me, but he was bickering, arguing with a tall, black male. He was grumpy, so he wanted to fight them, I guess. I grabbed him by the arm and dragged him into the restaurant.”

Maloney, 33, asked the men what they were staring at. One of them asked if he wanted to finish the conversation in the parking lot. Marshall and Maloney then went inside and ate. Afterward, Iyamuremye and another man appeared beside Maloney’s Jeep as he pulled out of his parking stall.

During the second argument, Marshall said Maloney challenged the men when one of them reached inside a carry bag. Shots were fired moments later.

“He immediately started shooting at Dale, chasing him,” Marshall said. “He was aiming for his head.”

Witnesses said Maloney was shot while he ran, then shot again after he fell to the ground.

Another man, Bicco Saidi, was also charged with second-degree murder. A Canada-wide warrant was issued for his arrest, but he has never been located.


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